OK Boomer is a new type of trivia game that is fun for family and friends of all ages. Win the game by answering a trivia question correctly from all five generations: Gen Z, Millennial, Gen X, Baby Boomer, and the Silent Generation!

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OK Boomer Trivia Game
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OK Boomer Expansion Pack 1
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OK Boomer is better than zero student debt, pumpkin spice lattes, AND avocado toast.


Finally a reason for my kids to get off their phones and hang out with their parents!

Baby Boomers
-Baby Boomers

Can't believe Grandma didn't know what "Flossin" meant! LOLZ! Luv OK Boomer 4 Lyfe.

Generation Z
-Gen Z

We love playing OK Boomer with our grandkids. We get to learn so much about each other!

Silent Generation
-Silent Generation

Fun for the whole family. Thanks for all of the great memories, OK Boomer!

Generation X
-Gen X