About Us


It was Christmas 2019 in Central, Pennsylvania and my family sat down for our annual holiday trivia night. You know the scene - drinks, snacks, matching pj’s, etc. We pulled the old trivia board game out from the closet and it was kids vs. adults. Game on. As the game went on, The Silent Generation and Boomers started to absolutely dominate us. I mean, how were us Millennials and Gen Zs going to know who won the World Series in 1944? 

I brought up the fact that the Boomers and Silent Generation were winning because all of the trivia questions were about things that happened way before we were even born (classic millennial, am i right?). We agreed to even the playing field for game two - the Gen-Zers and Millennial's got questions based on more current events while the Boomers and Silent Generation got classic trivia questions. 

Game two was actually a game (and much more fun). I won’t say who won . . . but it was a lot closer in round two.  After realizing how much more fun we had when both teams had a fair chance, we got online to try and find a trivia game that had questions for all generations. We scoured the internet but kept coming up empty. That’s when I realized that there wasn’t a balanced trivia game that allowed for that type of (un)friendly competition between the generations. . . 

Our family got to work on creating questions representative of all ages, game design, and looking for a way to fund the game. Within a few short months we had a prototype and were successfully crowdfunded on Kickstarter! 

We cannot wait for you play OK Boomer with your family and friends. It is a truly fantastic experience that we know will bring you closer to your loved ones just like it did to us.